About this site

Another blog has appeared in the world. You see so many of them. So many are over the top which fascinates me- I wish I knew how people had so much time and dollars to do it. (I wish I could). But what’s someone to do that works out of the home with a full time job and a family? Obviously, I don’t have time for that…and neither do you. This is where Brushes & Burpcloths came to be. My goal is to share my ideas & inspirations from hair trends, to do it yourself projects (as well as failures, because let’s be real, those are fun to look at too) and life as a busy mom.

I welcome you to Brushes & Burp Cloths. I hope I am able to help motivate you to be more creative & efficient in your busy lives. Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “About this site

  1. Hey! Nice blog! I think I’m going to enjoy reading and viewing your recipies, as the pumpkin cream deliciousness that was recently listed made may mouth water! (I don’t think the motherhood and baby(hood) are really applicable currently! Haha) Anyway…..happy writing!

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