Little noses

It is that lovely time again. FALL. I love this season, but almost hard to get through for some little ones without getting a little something. My little one acquired one not to long ago and I felt t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. He couldn’t sleep, breathe, constant little boogies kept dripping out and this little cough happened. There is worse diseases/ illnesses out there than a common cold, but how miserable to see your little one go through it. I can’t even imagine dealing with a more serious condition.

So, my sister, I feel is an expert on kids being sick. She has two little girls of her own and one of those sweet baby girls had a real bad case of RSV, an upper respiratory virus. It is the common cold for us older folks, but for infants, it is deadly. She is now four, but because of the RSV, she has had so many issues with her getting sick. It is not fun, but getting under control a little bit now. Now that story is beside the point. My sister has dealt with so many medicines that if I have questions, I ask her. So now back to my little boy being sick. I asked her what to do because he was having a hard time. Comment back was, Little Noses saline spray/drops. Not only does it work spectacular, but they have THE best syringe ever. It puts the hospital one you receive to shame!

Just squirt a little bit up their little noses, let it sit for a few then suction those boogies right out! Works like a charm


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