Sleeping Sacks

…bet you have never felt like this.

Sleep Sacks.. One word-Lifesavers. Throughout the beginning of being a mother, I found these seriously the best thing ever. Your baby will (if not, you are a lucky one) in the beginning of life wake up about every 3 hours to have quench its thirst…or change that lovely diaper. There are some real A-dorable jammies out these days. But quite honestly, at either midnight or 3 A.M., that last thing you want to be doing is snapping up your little ones P.J’s in the middle of the night. At least, I didn’t want to. You could start doing everything with your eyes closed…and literally I did…feeling zombie like. These are a must have. So get your sleeper sacks on!

Babyhood is a page to help guide you into the essentials I have found and or heard about that are fabulous for your new to little one in your life. Hope this page helps all you newly mothers out there ( and experienced ones too)!


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