Baby Proofing

My little one is getting has been all over the place and that comes with those fun ages now. He has been wanting to touch everything, I mean everything in sight. I sometimes drives me a little bonkers but hey, it is entertaining and somewhat nerve wrecking too! There are some things that I think to myself, “yikes! I didn’t think he could get so fast to that.” Or, “Shoot, don’t put your little fingers there!” I have felt like an awful mom at times. Here are some things I have noticed he loves trying…notice my word TRYINg… to do that cringes me.

. Pulling himself up on the stove handle & fridge handles…with wooden floors. I can just picture that fall…

. Pulling himself up on the fireplace…that is stone…with a very sharp edge.

. Trying to get up in the bath tub. So slippery! But don’t worry mama’s…I am watching him every second.

. Pulling cords.

. Going toward electrical sockets!!! ( ahhh)

. Pulling drawers…ouch!

. Going towards the toilet…yuck.

I think this list can go on and on but I don’t want to bore you…and clearly many if not most of you get the point.

So now it is baby proof time. What do I buy? Obviously there is lots but I love the Parent Mag’s. I saw they had the top baby proof items to buy! Wahoo, what a perfect time! I will share those with you and once again, I will have links attached to see where you can buy the lovely items. Or, if you want to buy something similar, obviously, be my guest! Hope this helps

1. Bath Spout Cover                                                               6. Doorknob lock

2. Saftey door stoppers                                                          7. Cabinet & Door locks

3. Table edge guards                                                              8. Medicine Lock

4. Toilet lock                                                                           9. Baby gates (there are way too many)

5. Outlet covers (you could go another way with this).

( and still no matter what, you’ll always feel that way).


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