Bumbo recall, really??

Okay, so I saw this on the news a little bit ago . There is a recall on the Bumbo that I found a little ridiculous. To me, it is just called common sense. Clearly to others, it may be called being idiotic ! I can’t believe it. I loved mine and will still use it.

So here it is. We have mothers placing their children on the tables, chairs and leaving them. What happens? The child kicks their legs, arches their back and plop. Out the child comes and falls. Of course, how stinking scary and sad…and if you have had this happen, do not take offense. But come on, shouldn’t the child be watched to begin with?? I will admit, I did place my little boy on the tables but if I did have to go somewhere, either I would have someone else take my place or take him out. They have also talked about babies doing the same while even on the floor, which then they talked about putting belts around . Then it got me thinking, they will still push themselves back still.

Regardless to all you mamas out there with the bumbo, use it with caution! Clearly if you kid is moving around a lot, I think it may be time to retire the good ol bumbo.


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