Oh fall. Just like my cold post, this is another fun sickness going around. My little boy has had this lovely cough going on for over a week and now I am starting to question things more. I ended up calling my doctor now because I heard croup has been going around. Now no fever has broke out from my little man, he has been still eating like nobodies business , still playing and kicking it. So that is why I have waited for so long. So clearly since croup has been going around, I have been looking and asking questions about it. What mom wouldn’t just want to know right? So I called one of the lovely nurses and just asked to for one, make me feel better and two, find out about it.

Here is what I found out. You don’t necessarily need a temperature when croup happens. Their cough is almost seal-like and will happen more towards the night. Bad cough will last about 2 nights and will get better. Most cases, they will need to take a steroid to help with their lungs/breathing. Luckily, my little boy has had a “wet” cough and no seal-like sounding cough and luckily no wheezing. If his cough persists for almost 2 weeks, I need to bring him into his Pediatrician. Of course, when you google or look over the internet about any illness, you get the worst descriptions ever. I avoid them. It freaks me out.

So here is the deal. I need to buy one of these still. A COOL MIDST HUMIDIFER. The nurse recommended buying one. It will help bring in cool air to help inflate the lungs to help with the cold. Another recommendation I heard was to bring them out into the cool air too. Weird huh? Hope this helps in a nut shell with QUICK explanation. I don’t like to read 10 page descriptions, I prefer short and simple.


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