Man, I cannot believe how much my kid goes through in one week of food. I thought that I would puree and freeze some food, but quite honestly, it isn’t happening as much as I would like it to have happened. Some use the baby bullet, I just use the magic bullet and store it in the freezer tray. Like I said, lately, it hasn’t been happening as much. I love love love Earths Best & Plum. Clearly, Gerber is great. Other fun brands have been Happy Baby, Ella’s Kitchen.

…I will say, these ones below gross me out and most likely won’t be in the kitchen.


I love the BOON products. The style, colors, ideas. Everything.


2 thoughts on “Food

  1. Sadly (sort of) we are beyond the baby food days at our house but I remember pureeing in my mini food processor and freezing little food cubes in stackable ice cube trays. My boys as babies would eat everything (even avocado which turned a bit brown after freezing). Now at ages 5 and 3 they are picky eaters. We loved Earth’s Best baby food too!

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