Messy Mugs

I feel like I have said this before and I will say it again. My kid is a stinkin heffer! He can’t get food down him fast enough I feel. I need 8 hands to keep up. Enough said. I am at the age now where you can give him just about anything. It is so fun looking back at all the foods for the first time you give them and watch their sour reactions. It just makes you laugh. Really, right at them. Then they look at you like what did you give me? Or they will start smacking their lips while enjoying what is going on. Hilarious needless to say. 

Like I was saying, I started giving more of what we eat a few months ago. Not going to lie, I was kinda terrified. I just felt like I foresaw choking- leading to CPR which we all as mothers or parents need to know. I still freak out every once in a while- my husband can again attest for this. We introduced the little bambino ( well at the time) to rice cereal around 4 months and it was soup. I was nervous to give that to him! Now that he is up to his year,  we’ll cut something like grapes (which he LOOVEES) in small small pieces and I will still say…hunny, those need to be cut smaller. His reaction- oh geez. Yadda yah- I know, protective mother. Hey, better safe than sorry with that! Anywho, I know this is a total random posting but just to make you all cautious but not to freak you out. Hope baby food training has been going smoothly for you all and keep new ones heading their way!


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