The bug…it’s awful.

Oy. The one thing I have always dreaded. The flu bug, as does every parent. I just have to let you know how my night went last night. Hopefully some of you will be able to think, “oh yes, I have been there!” and let you know that you are not alone. But a few things, yuck.YUCK AND YUCK!

Around midnight- cough cough and BLEEEHHH. I quickly threw my sheets off and quite honestly- all I could think in my head is AW ____ (fill in the blank). That is how I was feeling by hearing the constant bleh noise. It’s our first child and first flu with him so it was quite a night. There it was- all over the bedding. floor. face. hands. eyes. cloths- the smell, we won’t go there. Wuff…I can’t believe I am telling this story. I just can’t help- this is my blog. my journal so to say. So, quickly- my husband and I were getting on top of it all. I got him in the tubby, while the sheets and bedding were getting cleaned. It was a smidge chaotic seeing that is was so early and waking up in a frenzy.

Got him calmed- no temperature, no crying at all. Weird? I thought so. Anywho, it kept going on all night. After a while, it was gagging. I won’t lie, I started to cry. So helpless he was. I wanted to do something more but I couldn’t. Just snuggles. He loved that part. I just can’t believe how babies handle being sick while us adults are so different with it.

So this went on for about 2 hours- he drank the lovely grape Pedialyte. Couple minutes later…Blehhhh. I was getting a little frustrated! I know, it could be worse but going through 3 hours of that was a drag, especially at that time of day.

Well luckily it now all under control- just the other end started but luckily it was not both (…I think I would have gone crazy)! Still smiling and playing and eating little by little- I just don’t want to startle that little tummy. I just hate when he does this little cough- I slightly jump… So I officially welcomed myself to motherhood now that I have gone through the one thing every mother dreads…here is hopes to a healthy year for you all!


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