First time

So, you find out you are pregnant for your first time, wahoo & congrats! What do you do next? That is what I was exactly thinking. Luckily, my sisters help guide me what to do. Clearly I knew I had to check in with my Gynecologist- and thankfully, I felt comfortable with who I have been seeing for that. So if you don’t have one, find one. Ask friends where they are going, search them out and see if it will be a good fit for you.(After all, you will be checking in with this Doctor for 10 months). Make sure you call right away to make your first appointment visit for your pregnancy. If you like, bring the significant other for this one…I made sure my hubby came with me. You will most likely get to know your Doctor more, figure out your “due date” (notice the parenthesis?), and some may get their first ultra sound picture…such a neat experience might I add. **one thing, get used to peeing in a cup EVERY visit. Towards the end, I laughed at myself…it became quite a challenge ** You will meet with your doc once a month until the last month. You will meet every week up until your due date, or until you have your precious little baby.

Now this maybe different for everyone, so you don’t have to listen word for word. I’ll just give you the gist of things…

So for the first few months, it will be the same. The first one– blood drawn: check your blood type, sugar levels, etc. Possibly your ultrasound. Your next few months up until your 20 week will be the same- bathroom stop, depending on certain situations an ultrasound again, checking the heartbeat, measuring…oh the memories.

20th week: GENDER TIME! If you want to find out, it will be around then you will. This was amazing (I am singing that) experience to see that little piece of life and all the body formation operating From there until the 28th week, still the same.

28th week: Glucose testing…read below to my first post ever on motherhood, that is all i can say.  From here until your 36 week, the same.

36th Week on out: Oh the lovely cervical checks for the next few weeks. I won’t lie, I did not enjoy them. Just breath when you get there. You start seeing your doctor once a week- he will see if you have any dilation or how effaced you are. Ladies- I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but ah- I was dilated at 1 cm and was 75% effaced for 4 weeks…talk about a bummer. I do have an extremely healthy & beautiful baby boy now, so I can’t complain.

So here is the R-E-A-L quick layout of how your life will consist for the next 10 months…or less. I remember when i came home from the hospital and I was back in the norm of life, I always thought I missed a doctors appointment because it was part of your life for some time! Crazy!!…that was just a thought in my mind.


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