Gestational Diabtetes

As many of you know, during my pregnancy I had the lovely case of the GD. For all you pregnant mothers, at 28 weeks you will be tested to see how your glucose, or sugars levels are. You will drink a delicious sugary drink, let it sit a hour and they will draw your blood to test your glucose levels. If it is great, you walk home happy to eat and enjoy whatever you want! If it ends up too high, like mine clearly did, you get to head right back to the hospital and do it all over again. But hold on there, not just for a hour. For 3 hours! You take that lovely “soda”…the second time, it was not cold…yuck!, drink it right up and every hour after ( 3 times) they test your levels. I won’t lie, it was not a great experience for me. Side note: (The nurse got back to me a little bit too late when I was told. I mean, I went to 3 Thanksgiving dinners and I found out a few days after, woops!) Before you go into the hospital for the 2nd time around, you cannot eat for 12 hours!!! So picture being preggers, no water, food, and your freaking out. That was me. So I waited, waited and waited for 4 hours. That is how long it ends up being. You drink it, wait an hour. draw blood. Wait another hour, draw blood. Wait one more hour, draw blood. Fewf. That was then over. I got home, few days later  the nurse calls. Yes, your sugar levels were way high.  What does this mean? You go on a lovely diet to help balance our your sugars which will help you in the long run, reduce the risk of a larger baby. In some cases, some may have to take insulin shots to help regulate. Luckily, mine did not get to that point. Another factor, I get to draw my blood after every meal. I would have to wait an hour and count my carb intake while doing so. What a pain it was but how eye opening too! You may ask, what did I eat? Meat, cheese, eggs, nuts, water, crystal light, Le Croix and every once in a while, I would buy some sugar-free chocolates or ice cream. I wouldn’t eat the whole thing, I would just nibble every once in a while on it. Here is the good part. Most women who do acquire this during their pregnancy won’t have it after. The only thing is, you will be more prone to having type 2 diabetes later on in life…yikes.

Knowing this, I would love to talk to mothers or soon to be mothers who are or have been through this as well! Any questions, please leave me one!



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