Permed Hair, or is it a curling iron?

Alright ladies. Let’s get some things straight here. Curls are in, as well all know it. Love it. If you have naturally curly hair, don’t try to straighten it all the time. Keep that lovely curl! If you want to reduce frizz, make sure you are using the correct styling products to reduce the frizz, but do enhance that lovely natural curl or flow in the hair. Now, for all you straight haired ladies. Most of you, if not all want that lovely natural curl. Don’t worry. The same feelings go for the curly hair ones. They want it straight. (That saying does go- we all want what we don’t have). Funny isn’t it?

This topic, I want to get things a little straightened out here. I had a guest of mine a few months ago come in for a perm. Throughout the consultation, I wanted her to look through pictures with me and tell me what she really like about the the ‘curls’ she is seeing in the pictures…mainly magazines. I do not have the pictures we looked at specifically, but here are a few ideas.

…now perm or curls? CURLING IRON!! You can do so much with different sizes of a curling iron to give the effect of a perm with too much damage to your hair. (just use a heat protectant).

Let me show you a pictures of a perm now.

Both are beautiful forms of a perm, but are quite different than the ones above. Yes, you can achieve perms in a somewhat different manner, but perms are what is above. Perms are coming back, crazy. You think about Motley Crue, Bon Jovi…all the 80 bands but this is more of a modern take. Make sure you do a nice thorough consultation with your stylist if you do really like the forms of a perm. One note, all you blondies, CARE.FUL. Breakage can or will occur.


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