Blood Types

I have  a hard time with that word, blood. I don’t get sick from it, just grossed out a bit from it. So yes, I gave a run-down of your visits. That first visit though, blood samples occur. They check up on your blood type to see if there is a RH factor involved. Can go either positive or negative. Guess who had it? Yes, the one and only me! Rh Negative.

What does this mean? It is okay to have but it is when you are pregnant that the problem arises. So don’t freak out. Lots of ladies have it. In a nut shell, if your baby is a carrier of a different blood type, like RH positive  and are RH negative, there is a chance you and your baby’s blood can mix. If they mix, this is where the problem occurs. Your body will start to create antibodies against your babies blood- which will start breaking down your red blood cells…which one result can cause anemia. ( you will read all the other lovely causes).  This is where the lovely Rhogam shot comes into play. For first time mothers, you will get one shot at your 28 weeks appointment and another few hours after your delivery. I won’t sugar coat this one, but this stings a bit. **Your second shot will be the shot for prep for your next delivery..even if you are not planning on it**


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