Hair Loss

Has anyone noticed hair loss a few months after delivering your precious little baby? If so, you are not alone. If you haven’t, you  are lucky.So many ladies have been having this problem and they all want to know what to do. I wish there was something you could really do, but unfortunately, it is something that comes with having a baby.

I have experienced it myself and now all that lovely hair has started growing back. Not just sprouts, but curly short pieces that gets oily instantly…around my hairline. Crazy! Others hair sticks straight up, while others get the lovely “sideburns” as we will refer it. It is irritating, but what can you do?

Why one may ask? Hair goes through growth phases and resting phases. Growth phase- hair grows. Resting- hair sheds. Typical for everyone in life. Most cases, hair starts growing right after the resting phase.

Well we all know  hormones go crazy during pregnancy causing the growth phase of hair to prolong longer than usual. Few months after delivery, hormones decrease and the resting phase takes it course. You have had for those 9-10 months a growth phase and resting phase needs to happen. So wah-la!  There it is, all over your brushes, in your sinks, on your cloths, in your bath tubs and always in my baby’s hands…that one hurts. Hopefully this helps in a nut shell, you could go deeper into this, but here it is in a quick snippet.

Tips: Try using thickening hair products- my personal favorites are Aveda Pure Abundance shampoo & conditioner, Aveda volumzing tonic, Aveda Phomollient.  One other thing for styling, try back combing or  why not try extensions??


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