The first few months of being a mom, all you think about, breath and worry about is your little ones needs. ( for all you experienced moms, I have heard it never ends). But let’s just talk about the whole adjusting time frame.

Those first few are lots of adjusting. Having my little one being 9 months, you notice each month their different needs and the time it takes.  Here is the one thing. Yes, your child is THE top priority but I feel in order to keep up feeling fantastic, taking care of yourself is part of it all too. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or include $$, just go do something. Work out. Take a walk. Shop. Get your hair done- even just having someone else blow dry & style it. Go to the grocery store…alone!. Take one of the best baths ever ( I mean candles- special soaps). Do these things. I promise, you will be ready to be a mom again once you do!




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