I love all the eye glasses out these days. So many fun varieties- I am on the search for new ones and I think I may have found a pair…wahoo! Anywho, somewhat of an issue when it comes to hair for some people. One thing- it is okay to have shorter hair with glasses and if you want to do bangs, that is alright too! Bangs would require a little bit more up keep and depending on face type, facial features they may not be the best for you…but that is why us hairdressers are here for you! You will see & notice so many people with glasses and you still can be trendy/modern when you wear them. Here are a few ideas to look after but still, remember, some looks may need to be tweaked a little bit for you. Hope this helps! (have you notice the bigger the better lately? Some are way huge…like the one above, wow)!


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