Happy St. Nicks Day

He’s Making a list and he is checking it twice, but who really does the checking??

Why of course his little elves!  Yes, this is from one of my pages from Christmas time. Still thought all you parents should know about it)!

So many people have been hearing about the lovely book of the Elf on the Shelf. My sister bought this a few years ago but I feel like it has been booming more recently. Success with her kids? Y.E.S. I love this idea and what a fun tradition to have with your family. I still have yet to do this. My little one is a little young still to understand so I can’t wait for the fun to begin with him!

How does it work? Well, first you “adopt” your elf  once you bring it home with you…well, once you buy it. You name him and then this little elf comes to life once you read your story to your little one/s. You place him in a special spot after but here is the thing, no one can “touch” him. Other wise, his magic powers this little elf has will never work again. So make sure your kids know that one.

How does Mr. Santa know who has been naughty or nice? Well at night, when everyone is all snuggled up in their beds, he flies with his magical powers to the North pole and reports to Santa of all the happenings within the family. Of course, who has been naughty or nice. But, before everyone wakes up in the morning, he is back. Here is the other thing, he doesn’t not go back to the same spot he was before. He likes to move around and have fun. (some helpful tips to place him: fire place mantles, bedrooms, beds, fridges,  chandeliers or lamps). So lastly, when does your elf head back? After Christmas Eve…until then, beginning of Decemeber.

So for all you mamas out there, if you feel your child has been a little trouble this year, go and adopt the Elf on the Shelf. Maybe some magic may occur in your own home this year…


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