Gray Hair

Alright ladies. Yes it is a M.A.J.O.R. issue for us. Everyone wants it covered. But here is one thing…what about the men?

I recently had a male guest sitting in my chair. He hair had few strands of gray hair scattered throughout the top. Getting to know about what he does as a living, how he feels about having color it made me think about men these days with gray hair. They tend to feel so self conscience about it. CRaZy? As we furthered our conversation, he was not ready and quite honestly, he did not need it. That is how I feel about gray hair with men. Most ladies love it. If it is real bad, there is such a more natural and modern technique done called “blending” (color is combed through the hair). Better idea…yes! That whole iwill”bleach”frostallovercolormyhair is out of the picture…sorry fellas.


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