Time outs

Oh.my.goodness. What a day . I felt it was that kind of day for me and not much happened. How does that work? I finally feel like I am able to sit down and just relax and write. I feel as if I need to do it. I really do have the best baby boy I could have asked for. Really. But today, I felt like he was bouncing off the walls. As if sometime loaded him with too much sugar or sweets…or something. I didn’t get my laundry done. I didn’t get into the shower until the afternoon ( which isn’t too bad), and no I am not whining. No afternoon nap for baby…so focus on him.

Being a working mother, you can’t do everything needed. Most of you get it. I know I am not alone. I am not expecting a pity party, I just need to write about it. The late afternoon, I felt like I was going to flip. I felt all I was saying is,  “no no, let’s do this instead”. Or running after him to protect him. I was starting to think of all the things I wanted to get done and no offense, I wanted to just let him do whatever! Clearly, I know that was a very bad thought to do. He gives this sassy little look as he proceeds to the whatever he wants. (I won’t lie, that look is really cute though…they know how to work that at such a young age).

So, as I stated, late afternoon- bad time for this mama. I thought about something my sister told me. She heard someone state this. There was a conversation that came up where I attend church about taking care of yourself. One lady stated how instead of focusing on writing down all the things she needs to get done, instead she writes down the things she doesn’t want to get done. At first I thought, hmm. Interesting point. It then hit me as it hit my sister. More so today then when my sister told me. I feel I get too focused and warped up on all the things I need to get down now. It affects my mood, my decisions just everything. I wasn’t obviously getting mean to my child, but your attitude changes when you have that  INEEDTOGETTHISDONECHILDSOOSHUSH attitude. I tried thinking instead (notice the word tried), what don’t I want to do today? I thought, I don’t want to have that impact on my child. Thinking that other things are more important than he is or my future children. Yes, things need to get done how important are those things? That little precious life has been flying so fast for me that I wish I would have thought or heard about this earlier. My life needed to stop a little. Slowed down a little.

My poor husband sees me at my best sometimes. I love him.  He has to put up with me, and our little peanut. When he gets home from work it isn’t always that pleasant greeting like in that crazy movie the Stepford Wives…but trust me, that kind of living would drive me up the wall, but you get what I am saying. It’s more like “okay, here’s the child! Have fun!” Sometimes after I do that, I think woah. Back.Er.Down. REWIND. Husband- working long hours 5 days a week. Heee needs a break too. It isn’t always just about me in this situation. Yes though. Us mothers need that break- that time out. Even just 5 minutes (that is what I say to my husband- just 5 minutes, I need the energy). With that, I feel it changed my pace. My mood. I love that little saying. Thank goodness for those time outs though, it is really need for each one of us.

Fewf- I needed to get that out of me. Sorry about my little recap on life today. With further ado though, I hope your new year has been fantastic and that any resolutions you made, you’re keeping up with!


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