2011 Recap

Oh goodness. 2012 is approaching quickly. Too quickly!  I love recapping so I just have to do it. There have been so many funky trends out this year- some are hilarious that people pull off and some are trends that will continue throughout next year. Can’t wait to go through this. I searched the web and of course, Instyle helped me choose it all. If you haven’t noticed, I love that magazine…Hope you all love it. Can’t wait to see what 2012 has to offer!!!

1. Color Blocking

2. Stars… the ones in the sky, yes. But it’s on cloths!

3. Blondes going red

4. Rainbow denim

5. Lovely bright & bold nails

6. Nude Stockings

7. The Bob

8. Crazy hats. I won’t lie. Some of those are freaky.

9. Bellys showing…and no. I am not a fan. Shirts are to cover. Not classy ladies.

10.Neon– Michael Kors is mentioned.

11. Extensions: I wanted to show you this before and after shot I found. Fabulous isn’t it?

Hope you all enjoyed the recapping! Here’s to another year!


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