Hair Treatments

Yes. I know. So many treatments out for your hair these days. Almost giving you a headache isn’t it? I just want to enforce one type of those. Condition treatments.

Who wants dry, brittle un-shiny hair?? Ooo-ooo, not it. What’s going on? If your hair is curly, automatic sometimes with the dryness. If you are a blonde- unfortunately trouble. If you are dark and used to be blonde- ah yeah. Chronic heat users (flat irons, curling irons, blow drying, etc.)- DEFINITELY. I know, it is a problem. It’s okay though, we all have it at times in life. But here is the question, what are you doing about it?

I know as of now, the economy is kinda kicking us all in the butt. We all want to save the cha-ching $$ (especially with the holidays coming up). Here is the thing though. You look at yourself in the mirror and go wuff, what happened? I can recall many times myself before doing these treatments.

Few things ladies- are you using a heat protectant and proper styling products? Have you been coloring your hair and haven’t done any hair treatments (like deep conditioning treatments)? Weather has changed- some places get dryer. Is that happening by you? I could keep asking a few questions that are essential, but I just wanted to ask a few. All I can say is get your hair in a conditioning treatment. So so so essential for your hair. Obviously- I use Aveda. I wanted to show you this Video- it tells you in a nut shell what Avedas Bontanical Treatment will do for your hair. Discuss with your stylists what they can do for you too.

This will improve your hair so much that you will be on the road to recovery! I notice a huge different with my texture and color. So shiny and smooth. I can’t enforce it any more. Go get your beautiful hair on!


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