My little one is now slowly approaching the “terrible twos,” which I hear goes onto the threes…oye. Not so excited for that. I love my child, but what a little ham he has been lately.

Anywho, I saw a dad spank his daughter (around 8 years old it looked) for being a real brat. OH NO! Spanking?? Shouldn’t that be illegal?. Not going to lie…I watched it all unfold and quite frankly, she deserved it. (I did a fist pump for him). Seriously though, this has been on my mind lately. What my husband and myself will do as far as discipling our child and children to come. This whole hype about spanking in public is just a smidgen ridiculous. Yes, there are real messed up people in this world who take it a step to far. But for the parents taking responsibility in directing their children to being respectful and responsible children, I applaud you. There has been quite a problem as for as that I feel. I am not saying I have had tons of experience as being a mother quite yet, but this whole teaching has been constantly on my mind. When is the limit to far to start doing that?

Back to the scenario I saw unfold, she was slapping her mom. Being a little brat, rolling her eyes. Yeah. In my mind I thought. What would I do.? I don’t know why, but I can’t stand the thought of that. You feel so bad but seriously, it needs to happen.  My parents had it, I had it. And for darn sure, my grandparents had it happen to them. Those generations, yeah you had some bad eggs. But I feel some respect was more there than now. I still have yet to get to that point, although it has started a little now. Except, he’s not getting it. And this mama may loose it.


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