Being a mom.

ImageI haven’t wrote in my motherhood page for a while. Lots has been going through my mind about being a mom…and quite frankly, I don’t know what I want to say. I just want to write down something for myself. Something I can remember aboutbeing with my little dude being 16 months now. Coming onto the terrible twos…which I am not to thrilled about, but it will be exciting. This picture he was younger than now, but that face cracks me up.

I can’t believe how much kids grow. I have nieces and nephews and you see it. But once you have your own, there definitely is a different way of seeing it. I just look at my little guy and sit in awe at times at how much they soak in learning and how the light bulb, so to say, clicks. I just find this story so cute…and WARNING, if you’re not a mom, you may not care too much. A few weeks ago, the little one had a running nose. I went to take a tissue up to wipe, and what did he end of doing? Blew into it! What the little things like that make you just smile. I love it.

Everyone who knows me, I am literally in love with my child. My husband and I just look at him and just can’t believe how big he is getting. It’s amazing how they come into this world as this little helpless, limp thing to becoming a little person. Wanting to do things on their own, trying to mimic words you say or sounds you say, figuring out their toys and colors. I could go on, but i’ll stop. I’m pretty sure you get the picture…!

Anywho, I am late for Mother’s Day for this posting, but thank you to all you mothers out there who nurture your child every single day. Who holds them tightly when they skin their knees. The one who stays calm even when you’re about to rip your hair off…yes, almost a daily basis and this age…who holds them when they make their mistakes. Thank you most importantly my mother who has done just that. I don’t know where life would be without our mothers. It is the best job ever and such an important role in to todays societies.


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