Hair…and sun damage.

Ahhhh….I love summer. Although it has definitely been a weird one in our neck of the woods. In the 100’s and H.U.M.I.D. I hate breathing in hot air…it almost suffocating. (random side notes).

Well with that heat, you don’t want to be stuck in air conditioning- you want to be outside, in the water. Whether it is the chlorinated pool, beach, boats- whatever it may be, you’re in the sun and water. Which makes for a great combo for lightening your hair and causing sun damage, just like your for your skin.  Yes, it is normal for your hair to naturally lighten-. Being in water and having carbon dioxide in the air makes for a good “lightening”.

So here is the next question- what are you doing to take care of it? Does it feel like there is a lot of build-up or discoloration? Does your hair color seem to be fading?? Not many think of that but some really like that look of when the sun colors their hair but you still want to make sure…especially if you have your hair colored that you are still protecting your hair- especially for the $$ and time you put into it. It surprises me when my guests come sit in my chair and say they are doing nothing but say their hair color has faded…this is why I wanted to talk about this for you.

Clearly, I am an Aveda gal. Here are some SUPERB take home items to buy to refresh, protect and so to say rejuvenate your hair. If you’re so pumped and ready to get it, (which I hope you are) i’ll have links to do so. Better yet, if you are by an Aveda Salon or Store, get your bunskies there! I love them and they work like a charm.

Sun Care Protective Hair Veil:    Light-weigt, water resistant. Protects hair from color fading and dryness for up to 16  hours.

Spray lightly over the top of your hair.

Click here to buy.

Sun Care Hair & Body cleanser: Great detox for your hair- color safe. Removes chlorine, salt & product build-up.

Click here to buy.

Sun Care after -sun hair masque: Cream masque- defends against free radicals. Moisturizes.

Click here to buy.


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