Easter Bunny Canvas

I have been wanting to paint or draw or something lately…not that I’m the greatest I’ve just had the itch to do it. I also have been wanting to make some fun and easy Easter decor for our home, but nothing that was too crazy that screams Easter! I saw this idea from a wonderful blog named Saved By Loves Creations . Her original was on wooden pallets, hung on the wall.
If you know me by now, we have lots of old wood crates so I decided to take a different route and do this on a canvas ( which will go inside of one of the wooden crates hanging on the wall…) I loved the simpleness of it and the touch of Easter it is too. Here is the best part…it’s super easy…it will blow your mind.

Here’s all you need.
– acrylic paint
– canvas
– Bunny cut out
( that’s for how I did it)

Tape the cut out of the Bunny and stick it onto the canvas and paint around it. Wait to dry and pull the cut out back then wahlah.!

If you want the wooden pallet, click on the link about and you’ll have that tutorial.





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