What in the world???


We all have heard about it. Most of us are all at home looking at our loved ones thinking about it. So many emotions flooding our brains and the brains of those around us. Clearly right now I am expressing mine! Many of us think- yet again, another tragic event strikes.

To me, it’s really sad how this world now has become somewhat become familiar with stuff like this. Yes, events like this has happened in the past but more and more each day, it keeps happening. Really frequently I feel. Now the question is why? Why are things like this happening to these good people? The news/ media drives me nuts because they always think they have the answers. I hate to say it but we never will know. All I know is how important it is we look for the good.

It’s hard to do it. Really it is. The media is full of the negative in this world. Yeah, we all need to know what’s going on. But we forget sometimes how precious life really is. Sometimes events like this bring us to that realization which I wish it didn’t. I know right now it is real hard…I’m still soaking it in. There were and are some tears in my eyes. I have a family of my own so I couldn’t imagine what others are going through who have been affected. My prayers are for sure with you.

Some of you may not agree, which I respect you. But please respect me on this thought. I was on the phone with my sister who has been trying to achieve an awesome goal as those of those marathon runners. First off, my first thought was thank goodness you weren’t there. As we kept talking, she was talking about her family. One thought of, how she can teach her kids about events in their life and what they need to do if confusion, worry or questions arise in their head. Not to get all preachy and churchy, but the response was how important prayer does play in our lives. This is where some may not agree but in my life, it is something I really depend on. If I don’t get an answer, it does get frustrating. Especially in something tragic like this. But I also get a feeling of this warmth and comfort. Knowing that, gives me the peace I need in my life.

The more I keep thinking about life, I also thought about my day earlier before I heard of this tragic event. It wasn’t the best. Not gonna lie- today being a mom was real hard. I am embarrassed to say but I did say man I wish I could run away! ( somewhat joking but somewhat not). In response, my kiddo screamed No! Which that made me chuckle and shocked at that response. It felt like we were in some screamo band- which it did somewhat make me want to break down because what the worst feeling that is. Today I felt like I sucked as a mother. I’m not here to have a pity party, but it was difficult. All day I felt I was butting heads with my kid, he was just whining, throwing things, screaming. You know, what toddlers do best. But it was real hard today. ( as you can tell from the picture below, which is somewhat cute too).


Going back to what all happened in Boston, it did change my tune. I took a step back and thought wait, what am I really teaching my sweet child? There are lots I hope he does but one other thing is from ol’ quote stated by the famous Mr.Rogers. Besides staying prayerful, looking for the good in people. I know it states look for helpers, but in a nutshell to look for the good in people. How quick it is to think of people in such a negative way. But I hope that in times like this, my child will look for those ‘helpers’. I hope he can be one of those remembered that way.

Sorry for this lengthy and extremely long posts- I am not one to write like this because I am no writer. I applaud you if you finished this post…

“I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers- so many caring people in this world.”
-Mr. Rogers

Hope you will always remember that. Good night y’all.


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