Norwex Cleaning

It is so beautiful outside. It’s so interesting how peoples mood change once it’s warm out. I have been noticing that. Even at my job, my guests I have, have more pep in their step. Not so groggy and sad looking. So thank goodness!

With your spring/summer, comes the lovely spring cleaning, Whopp!! Hence when the windows open the cleaning begins. Getting rid of that dust and nastiness from winter, such a good feeling. In your cars, home- quite lovely. So, I’m not sure if any of you have heard of this brand called Norwex. It’s this awesome cleaning supply that is pretty awesome I might add. I have heard of it but thought, yeah whatever. Such a goofy thing.

Well, I decided eventually to go to a party to hear what all the hype was about. (Guess what? It ended up with me throwing one later). So guess whose enjoying these products? Yes, me. I feel like a nerd! But being a working mom, cleaning does get quite difficult.


So what is this you might ask? Well with the chemicals and everyone going organic these days, this removes all the chemicals you use in your home. From cleaning cloths, to laundry detergent, to car cleaning products, it truly is awesome. They are microfiber cloths with microsilver which is an anti-bacterial agent. The crazy part is you can use it anywhere in your home and all you just need is water! It’s weird because literally the cloths don’t smell whatsoever. You know how some cloths have that nasty smell after you use it once or twice? Well this doesn’t happen. the microsilver kills the bacteria so its done instantly. Crazy isn’t it? If you want more info, click the link. It’s pretty awesome. It makes cleaning so much quicker too, because sometimes, that does matter.

Happy cleaning!


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