DIY Father’s Day Superhero Gift

Well, I couldn’t post this one earlier in fear of my husband seeing this post somehow. Only because it was part of his Father’s Day gift and in some way shape or form he would find out. But thank goodness, this was a sweet little surprise for him.

I first want to give a shout out to this awesome blog called Oh Happy Day. Super super cute blog.  From party ideas, templates you can download for free, invite ideas, DIY home decor…oh my. You just need to check it out. Seriously. I stumbled upon this and saw this idea and it was awesome. I loved it. My husband loved it, and my little boy loved helping me put it together (mainly because it involved food)- It was different from what we have done in the past so that’s why I wanted to do this too.

ImageSo, highly recommend doing this. It doesn’t necessarily have to be for Father’s Day, but just to give out the idea to you all. I do have the original idea linked to the name of the blog if you want to get the printables and what not. One thing, I did add something on my own….


That lollipop. You can steal that idea, I felt kinda clever…not gonna lie. It is a true statement however, so that’s why it was perfect. I unfortunately don’t have the template, but I will post it  if you all are interested. But hope all you awesome Father’s, soon to be dads, Grandpas had a relaxing Father’s Day yourselves!Image


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