Hanging Clipboard Pictures

I love pictures. So many life experiences and memories captured…sometimes I think I take too many ( is that even possible?) I need to get a t-shirt I found that says, pathological picture taker. For real. My pictures aren’t the greatest, but I enjoy just capturing my moments. So with that, I love pictures hanging on our wall or just being around the house.

We have a wall in our living room that I have been stuck on figuring out what to do with it. It is a pretty open wall and I wasn’t sure if furniture, a large picture or something should go there.  So with some ideas and searching, we decided to do this.
firstoneThey added just the perfect touch to some bare walls. They are so easy to make and the price is super reasonable. I’ll add the link to this awesome website, Love Grows Wild (thank you for this splendid idea). Mine is a bit longer in length than what I wanted but you can make it whatever length you’d like.   Below are the tools and material you will need to buy-

4 13″ pieces of of scrap wood ( 1 x 12 inch- check out your local hardware stores)

Sand Paper ( medium)

Dark walnut stain

Minwax Paste Finishing Wax

Small scrapbook clips ( Hobby Lobby is my best friend for this stuff)



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