{:} Now is the time for change {:}

I am so excited for spring to officially be here in a short few days…seriously. You can tell the excitement people have…especially from the amazing job I have. Which is making feel and look beautiful! I get to style peoples hair…It’s crazy how much I get to change some peoples day. It may sound easy to you, but sometimes it can be difficult, but at the end of the day, I can turn someone’s negative outlook on their life right around. Not just by coloring or cutting their hair, but even just simply shampooing, blow drying and finishing their hair. ( Can I get an amen from an of my other hair stylists????)

Anywho, I just wanted to share some beautiful inspirations of hair cuts I have been noticing a lot on people. I feel late winter it started kicking in but now it is in full force now that SPRINGTIME of 2015 is right.around.the.corner. I will miss winter. If you are in the mood for a either a fun short hair style or even simply a shift in what you have now to change it up, I hope these will help you. It sure has me motivated….

Things I’ve noticed and some good words to use to describe- blunt, movement, bangs (just describe how you want them). New trend…notice the longer hair style? The Swag. Another new term for you all. I know…it amazes me how the internet has taught so many of my guests/clients. What’s the Swag you may ask? A swingy shag! You will probably even google it now…but no fears, I won’t make fun of any of you! I am always curious myself….So get ready, get a change done for youself!


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