Car Seat Canopy…thing.

Let me just explain one thing before I start explaining what I am posting.

For one, I am in no way a good seamstress. I took a few classes in my beginning stages of high school & stopped after that. Not because I didn’t enjoy it but because I just didn’t keep up with it. I started sewing a few things here and there recently and now I realize…when I have time…that I want to keep up with some few projects I have in mind.

There ya have it. Had to just explain that before I move forward. So, yes. The car seat canopy. First of all, I never see these out and about around where we are from. Only when I am at my church, is when I see them. I was slightly confused I remember when I saw it. Some lovely mama while back was carrying something with fabric over something large and I thought, what the heck is being suffocated underneath that? All the sudden, some of that fabric was pulled back and there was a baby…sleeping soundly in the carseat. Then it all came together. What a smart idea! I never made or had one with our first child, but now…oh yes, forgot to mention somewhere in this blog, we are expecting #2 this spring (hooray!!!), I thought I should try this out and make one. For one, it seems as though it would be nice and cozy. Two, keeps random strangers away for wanting to come touch your little ones faces. Cover those little babes right up and hopefully no one will try opening it. (Is it acceptable to somewhat lightly tap some strangers hand you don’t know if there is an attempt? Just wondering. Not that I would…well, maybe).

What do you all think? I still feel like I may be suffocating my child but I do like the idea of this. I am assuming you all have heard of Pinterest. If you haven’t…well, I don’t know what to say to you then. It’s not good. I found this girls blog on there & a pretty simple tutorial. So first off, thank you Pinterest for directing me & secondly and most importantly, thank you to Creatively Christy!  ( very fun blog if you ask me).

I will leave the directions all credited clearly to her. Click on the link, go check that out!


Messy Mugs

I feel like I have said this before and I will say it again. My kid is a stinkin heffer! He can’t get food down him fast enough I feel. I need 8 hands to keep up. Enough said. I am at the age now where you can give him just about anything. It is so fun looking back at all the foods for the first time you give them and watch their sour reactions. It just makes you laugh. Really, right at them. Then they look at you like what did you give me? Or they will start smacking their lips while enjoying what is going on. Hilarious needless to say. 

Like I was saying, I started giving more of what we eat a few months ago. Not going to lie, I was kinda terrified. I just felt like I foresaw choking- leading to CPR which we all as mothers or parents need to know. I still freak out every once in a while- my husband can again attest for this. We introduced the little bambino ( well at the time) to rice cereal around 4 months and it was soup. I was nervous to give that to him! Now that he is up to his year,  we’ll cut something like grapes (which he LOOVEES) in small small pieces and I will still say…hunny, those need to be cut smaller. His reaction- oh geez. Yadda yah- I know, protective mother. Hey, better safe than sorry with that! Anywho, I know this is a total random posting but just to make you all cautious but not to freak you out. Hope baby food training has been going smoothly for you all and keep new ones heading their way!

Baby Proofing

My little one is getting has been all over the place and that comes with those fun ages now. He has been wanting to touch everything, I mean everything in sight. I sometimes drives me a little bonkers but hey, it is entertaining and somewhat nerve wrecking too! There are some things that I think to myself, “yikes! I didn’t think he could get so fast to that.” Or, “Shoot, don’t put your little fingers there!” I have felt like an awful mom at times. Here are some things I have noticed he loves trying…notice my word TRYINg… to do that cringes me.

. Pulling himself up on the stove handle & fridge handles…with wooden floors. I can just picture that fall…

. Pulling himself up on the fireplace…that is stone…with a very sharp edge.

. Trying to get up in the bath tub. So slippery! But don’t worry mama’s…I am watching him every second.

. Pulling cords.

. Going toward electrical sockets!!! ( ahhh)

. Pulling drawers…ouch!

. Going towards the toilet…yuck.

I think this list can go on and on but I don’t want to bore you…and clearly many if not most of you get the point.

So now it is baby proof time. What do I buy? Obviously there is lots but I love the Parent Mag’s. I saw they had the top baby proof items to buy! Wahoo, what a perfect time! I will share those with you and once again, I will have links attached to see where you can buy the lovely items. Or, if you want to buy something similar, obviously, be my guest! Hope this helps

1. Bath Spout Cover                                                               6. Doorknob lock

2. Saftey door stoppers                                                          7. Cabinet & Door locks

3. Table edge guards                                                              8. Medicine Lock

4. Toilet lock                                                                           9. Baby gates (there are way too many)

5. Outlet covers (you could go another way with this).

( and still no matter what, you’ll always feel that way).

Christmas Recap.

So did you guys survive the best day of your childs life ever?? I sure hope so! Every kid looks forward to this day and it flies by. I love hearing stories of how they will wake up at the wee hours to see what Santa brought…but to continue to wake up their parents at 2 A.M. to see too… can’t wait for those days… Anyways, hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! Hope their kids didn’t get upset whatsoever with what they received and were grateful.

Just a side note, make sure all little pieces are picked up off the floor in case your little one is crawling and proceeding to put anything in their mouth!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!

The bug…it’s awful.

Oy. The one thing I have always dreaded. The flu bug, as does every parent. I just have to let you know how my night went last night. Hopefully some of you will be able to think, “oh yes, I have been there!” and let you know that you are not alone. But a few things, yuck.YUCK AND YUCK!

Around midnight- cough cough and BLEEEHHH. I quickly threw my sheets off and quite honestly- all I could think in my head is AW ____ (fill in the blank). That is how I was feeling by hearing the constant bleh noise. It’s our first child and first flu with him so it was quite a night. There it was- all over the bedding. floor. face. hands. eyes. cloths- the smell, we won’t go there. Wuff…I can’t believe I am telling this story. I just can’t help- this is my blog. my journal so to say. So, quickly- my husband and I were getting on top of it all. I got him in the tubby, while the sheets and bedding were getting cleaned. It was a smidge chaotic seeing that is was so early and waking up in a frenzy.

Got him calmed- no temperature, no crying at all. Weird? I thought so. Anywho, it kept going on all night. After a while, it was gagging. I won’t lie, I started to cry. So helpless he was. I wanted to do something more but I couldn’t. Just snuggles. He loved that part. I just can’t believe how babies handle being sick while us adults are so different with it.

So this went on for about 2 hours- he drank the lovely grape Pedialyte. Couple minutes later…Blehhhh. I was getting a little frustrated! I know, it could be worse but going through 3 hours of that was a drag, especially at that time of day.

Well luckily it now all under control- just the other end started but luckily it was not both (…I think I would have gone crazy)! Still smiling and playing and eating little by little- I just don’t want to startle that little tummy. I just hate when he does this little cough- I slightly jump… So I officially welcomed myself to motherhood now that I have gone through the one thing every mother dreads…here is hopes to a healthy year for you all!

Bumbo recall, really??

Okay, so I saw this on the news a little bit ago . There is a recall on the Bumbo that I found a little ridiculous. To me, it is just called common sense. Clearly to others, it may be called being idiotic ! I can’t believe it. I loved mine and will still use it.

So here it is. We have mothers placing their children on the tables, chairs and leaving them. What happens? The child kicks their legs, arches their back and plop. Out the child comes and falls. Of course, how stinking scary and sad…and if you have had this happen, do not take offense. But come on, shouldn’t the child be watched to begin with?? I will admit, I did place my little boy on the tables but if I did have to go somewhere, either I would have someone else take my place or take him out. They have also talked about babies doing the same while even on the floor, which then they talked about putting belts around . Then it got me thinking, they will still push themselves back still.

Regardless to all you mamas out there with the bumbo, use it with caution! Clearly if you kid is moving around a lot, I think it may be time to retire the good ol bumbo.

Christmas Time

So I mentioned that I am going to do top 10 gifts for babies from Santa, I can do one for toddlers too. There are so many out there so I am just going to do the top 10 for all genders- it won’t be in order of the “greatest” but just to help you all out. Hope this helps!!

Top gifts for Baby

1. Topsy Tumbler Twirlin’ Fun Park

2. Laugh & Learn Dance & Play Puppy

3. Laugh & Learn fun with friends musical table

4. Learn & Groove Musical table

5. Sophie the Giraffe

6. Books, any kinda your baby will love. Some ideas: Eric Carle, Sandra Boynton, Touch & Feel books.

7. Sassy Brands teethers & rattlers: or anything the same that

8. Elmo. Let’s rock. ( I will go nuts if my kid gets this, but hey, it has been a top pick).

9. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Friendly Forest Activity Mirror (or any mirror toy)

10. Blocks or Stackers

Top Gifts for toddlers/Kids

1. Leapfrog Leapster or Leap pad…it comes in pink too

2. Anything Star Wars…I really don’t know of any younger boy who doesn’t enjoy them…I don’t get it!

3. Food Makers: cakes, cupcakes, ice cream…just what you kid needs more of right?

 4. Legos: depending on what your child is into, from Pirates of the Caribbean to Spongebob

5. Zhu-Zhu pets

6. Sing-a-ma-jigs

7. Fijit Friend

8. Bendaroos

9. Yo Gabba Gabba Cuddle Pillows

10. Thinkfun Cartoon It , here is a fun board game.


Man, I cannot believe how much my kid goes through in one week of food. I thought that I would puree and freeze some food, but quite honestly, it isn’t happening as much as I would like it to have happened. Some use the baby bullet, I just use the magic bullet and store it in the freezer tray. Like I said, lately, it hasn’t been happening as much. I love love love Earths Best & Plum. Clearly, Gerber is great. Other fun brands have been Happy Baby, Ella’s Kitchen.

…I will say, these ones below gross me out and most likely won’t be in the kitchen.


I love the BOON products. The style, colors, ideas. Everything.

Those darn pacifiers, nunu’s, nuk!

Ah! I can’t handle these things sometimes. I wish they were not such a nuisance. You drop it, wipe it. Drops again. Same thing. Chucks it. Flaps in it the air, it whacks yours face. Throws it in the car…missing. Some other kid steals it- gone. Talks in the wee morning hours…WHERE IS THE NUK? Okay, I hope I am not only mom that feels this way. If you kid doesn’t take them, kuddos. I use the clips. Thank goodness for those inventions.


Bundle. Me.

Oh my. I seriously cannot believe we are close to winter already. YAY. Can’t say I am too anxious, but I am excited. Thinking about the lovely time for bundling my little man up and wonder what people do? Jackets, hats, gloves, blankets. My mother-in-law bought us the Bundleme for last year and it fit quite largely. Came to realize, it was for the stroller and not the car seat carrier but we made it work! Love them and makes it more comfy for baby.