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I am so excited for spring to officially be here in a short few days…seriously. You can tell the excitement people have…especially from the amazing job I have. Which is making feel and look beautiful! I get to style peoples … Continue reading

Formal Finishes for Short Hair

Here is to go a long with the wedding season of few ideas for updos. Whether a bride, or a bridesmaid or even just wanting to get all dolled up for an event! So many choices out there, but here’s a few to look at.


One thing to look at, lots of short hairstyle updos do tend to have some sort of hair piece too! Something to always think about.

Half Updo’s

It’s already that time again…I can’t believe it. Those crazy high school dance times, bridal hair time. Updo time! So many different styles out and I’m hoping to help you all out here. From all the websites and magazines, it’s a overwhelming to find a picture. I am hoping tohelp you all out with some ideas so you don’t have to keep searching and searching. I like to  keep it simple because I feel too many pictures tends to make me go crazy.

Here for this post, we will have some half undo pictures. I’ll be posting more styles for you soon!


Vintage Soft Waves

I love this look. So beautiful, elegant and simple. Just throw a beautiful red lip color and your ready to go! I found a great tutorial too for you guys, so try it out. If I could, I would be doing more tutorials myself, but that requires some time…that I wish I had!

Pony Tails

I am so anxious for Spring over here. It is happening shortly, I’m just getting anxious to keep my windows open all day long. ( I know, so random to be saying in this post). But with that, I wanted to share some fun hair styles for you lovely ladies with long hair. I’m not sure if you find yourself in a bind of what to do with your long locks. Although, I do see a lot of pony tails here.


I know, it is hard sometimes to get yourself ready and trust me, I do it too. But instead of just slicking back your hair and pulling it into a pony, try tweaking it a bit. Back comb, add some hair cuffs to go around your pony (that sentence sounded weird, but you know what I mean). Try wrapping some hair around the hair tie to hide it. Anywho, here are some fun examples. Happy Spring!!


Balayage, my friends.

Don’t worry- I know I have this blog of mine still running. I am in the works in something. And I cannot wait to start it. It may take a little bit but I am just starting to let people know, I may be doing something fun. It’s a secret that I can’t wait to start. It will be little online shop. Stay tuned for it…because I can’t wait!

Anywho, let’s talk hair. People have been sitting in my chair and all the sudden I hear the word OMBREEEEEEE. Then I instantly feel like I roll my eyes. It’s not good. I try not too but I can’t help it anymore. I am over it! There are a few, and I mean a few I enjoy. Not many. I do however enjoy the lovely Balayage. I want people to know this. So many people keep running around with these terms not knowing what the heck it is. It does somewhat look the same but is completely different. Let me explain quickly. Ombre- (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong). With ombre, you see the definite tones. Almost 3 tones so to stay. Dark-medium-light. No highlights. It’s almost like an allover color but you literally see 3 colors. Does that make sense? Please do not buy that ridiculous new ombre box color I’ve seen on commercials. It makes me wanna puke. I’ll show you an ombre.

Image   get it?

Okay so let’s talk a beautiful way. Balayage. ( I am not hating on anyone who has it, because hey, it’s for some people). Here is balayage. Can you see the difference??ImageImage


Hair Loss Stats.

Well, this is quite in an issue in lots of people. I found this on another blog and had to share on my hair portion because I found this quite interesting. Do you feel you fall in this category?




(I don’t know where I found this, but whosever blog I snatched this from, thank you!!)

Holy cats is there so many braids out these days…I just can’t believe all the types you can do and incorporate into an updo. I just wanted to clarify these. It made me think of a guest in my chair figuring out which braid to do and she couldn’t remember the name! So hope this helps you all out- there are probably more than the ones I’ll be naming but hey, it’s a start! I believe I have already talked about this, but we probably added more.

You can also combine- like this. Reverse braid dutch style.


Happy braiding!







Milkmaid, Heidi, Edwardian: (they are all somewhat the same).







Hair…and sun damage.

Ahhhh….I love summer. Although it has definitely been a weird one in our neck of the woods. In the 100’s and H.U.M.I.D. I hate breathing in hot air…it almost suffocating. (random side notes).

Well with that heat, you don’t want to be stuck in air conditioning- you want to be outside, in the water. Whether it is the chlorinated pool, beach, boats- whatever it may be, you’re in the sun and water. Which makes for a great combo for lightening your hair and causing sun damage, just like your for your skin.  Yes, it is normal for your hair to naturally lighten-. Being in water and having carbon dioxide in the air makes for a good “lightening”.

So here is the next question- what are you doing to take care of it? Does it feel like there is a lot of build-up or discoloration? Does your hair color seem to be fading?? Not many think of that but some really like that look of when the sun colors their hair but you still want to make sure…especially if you have your hair colored that you are still protecting your hair- especially for the $$ and time you put into it. It surprises me when my guests come sit in my chair and say they are doing nothing but say their hair color has faded…this is why I wanted to talk about this for you.

Clearly, I am an Aveda gal. Here are some SUPERB take home items to buy to refresh, protect and so to say rejuvenate your hair. If you’re so pumped and ready to get it, (which I hope you are) i’ll have links to do so. Better yet, if you are by an Aveda Salon or Store, get your bunskies there! I love them and they work like a charm.

Sun Care Protective Hair Veil:    Light-weigt, water resistant. Protects hair from color fading and dryness for up to 16  hours.

Spray lightly over the top of your hair.

Click here to buy.

Sun Care Hair & Body cleanser: Great detox for your hair- color safe. Removes chlorine, salt & product build-up.

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Sun Care after -sun hair masque: Cream masque- defends against free radicals. Moisturizes.

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