Norwex Cleaning

It is so beautiful outside. It’s so interesting how peoples mood change once it’s warm out. I have been noticing that. Even at my job, my guests I have, have more pep in their step. Not so groggy and sad looking. So thank goodness!

With your spring/summer, comes the lovely spring cleaning, Whopp!! Hence when the windows open the cleaning begins. Getting rid of that dust and nastiness from winter, such a good feeling. In your cars, home- quite lovely. So, I’m not sure if any of you have heard of this brand called Norwex. It’s this awesome cleaning supply that is pretty awesome I might add. I have heard of it but thought, yeah whatever. Such a goofy thing.

Well, I decided eventually to go to a party to hear what all the hype was about. (Guess what? It ended up with me throwing one later). So guess whose enjoying these products? Yes, me. I feel like a nerd! But being a working mom, cleaning does get quite difficult.


So what is this you might ask? Well with the chemicals and everyone going organic these days, this removes all the chemicals you use in your home. From cleaning cloths, to laundry detergent, to car cleaning products, it truly is awesome. They are microfiber cloths with microsilver which is an anti-bacterial agent. The crazy part is you can use it anywhere in your home and all you just need is water! It’s weird because literally the cloths don’t smell whatsoever. You know how some cloths have that nasty smell after you use it once or twice? Well this doesn’t happen. the microsilver kills the bacteria so its done instantly. Crazy isn’t it? If you want more info, click the link. It’s pretty awesome. It makes cleaning so much quicker too, because sometimes, that does matter.

Happy cleaning!


What in the world???


We all have heard about it. Most of us are all at home looking at our loved ones thinking about it. So many emotions flooding our brains and the brains of those around us. Clearly right now I am expressing mine! Many of us think- yet again, another tragic event strikes.

To me, it’s really sad how this world now has become somewhat become familiar with stuff like this. Yes, events like this has happened in the past but more and more each day, it keeps happening. Really frequently I feel. Now the question is why? Why are things like this happening to these good people? The news/ media drives me nuts because they always think they have the answers. I hate to say it but we never will know. All I know is how important it is we look for the good.

It’s hard to do it. Really it is. The media is full of the negative in this world. Yeah, we all need to know what’s going on. But we forget sometimes how precious life really is. Sometimes events like this bring us to that realization which I wish it didn’t. I know right now it is real hard…I’m still soaking it in. There were and are some tears in my eyes. I have a family of my own so I couldn’t imagine what others are going through who have been affected. My prayers are for sure with you.

Some of you may not agree, which I respect you. But please respect me on this thought. I was on the phone with my sister who has been trying to achieve an awesome goal as those of those marathon runners. First off, my first thought was thank goodness you weren’t there. As we kept talking, she was talking about her family. One thought of, how she can teach her kids about events in their life and what they need to do if confusion, worry or questions arise in their head. Not to get all preachy and churchy, but the response was how important prayer does play in our lives. This is where some may not agree but in my life, it is something I really depend on. If I don’t get an answer, it does get frustrating. Especially in something tragic like this. But I also get a feeling of this warmth and comfort. Knowing that, gives me the peace I need in my life.

The more I keep thinking about life, I also thought about my day earlier before I heard of this tragic event. It wasn’t the best. Not gonna lie- today being a mom was real hard. I am embarrassed to say but I did say man I wish I could run away! ( somewhat joking but somewhat not). In response, my kiddo screamed No! Which that made me chuckle and shocked at that response. It felt like we were in some screamo band- which it did somewhat make me want to break down because what the worst feeling that is. Today I felt like I sucked as a mother. I’m not here to have a pity party, but it was difficult. All day I felt I was butting heads with my kid, he was just whining, throwing things, screaming. You know, what toddlers do best. But it was real hard today. ( as you can tell from the picture below, which is somewhat cute too).


Going back to what all happened in Boston, it did change my tune. I took a step back and thought wait, what am I really teaching my sweet child? There are lots I hope he does but one other thing is from ol’ quote stated by the famous Mr.Rogers. Besides staying prayerful, looking for the good in people. I know it states look for helpers, but in a nutshell to look for the good in people. How quick it is to think of people in such a negative way. But I hope that in times like this, my child will look for those ‘helpers’. I hope he can be one of those remembered that way.

Sorry for this lengthy and extremely long posts- I am not one to write like this because I am no writer. I applaud you if you finished this post…

“I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers- so many caring people in this world.”
-Mr. Rogers

Hope you will always remember that. Good night y’all.

Being a mom.

ImageI haven’t wrote in my motherhood page for a while. Lots has been going through my mind about being a mom…and quite frankly, I don’t know what I want to say. I just want to write down something for myself. Something I can remember aboutbeing with my little dude being 16 months now. Coming onto the terrible twos…which I am not to thrilled about, but it will be exciting. This picture he was younger than now, but that face cracks me up.

I can’t believe how much kids grow. I have nieces and nephews and you see it. But once you have your own, there definitely is a different way of seeing it. I just look at my little guy and sit in awe at times at how much they soak in learning and how the light bulb, so to say, clicks. I just find this story so cute…and WARNING, if you’re not a mom, you may not care too much. A few weeks ago, the little one had a running nose. I went to take a tissue up to wipe, and what did he end of doing? Blew into it! What the little things like that make you just smile. I love it.

Everyone who knows me, I am literally in love with my child. My husband and I just look at him and just can’t believe how big he is getting. It’s amazing how they come into this world as this little helpless, limp thing to becoming a little person. Wanting to do things on their own, trying to mimic words you say or sounds you say, figuring out their toys and colors. I could go on, but i’ll stop. I’m pretty sure you get the picture…!

Anywho, I am late for Mother’s Day for this posting, but thank you to all you mothers out there who nurture your child every single day. Who holds them tightly when they skin their knees. The one who stays calm even when you’re about to rip your hair off…yes, almost a daily basis and this age…who holds them when they make their mistakes. Thank you most importantly my mother who has done just that. I don’t know where life would be without our mothers. It is the best job ever and such an important role in to todays societies.


My little one is now slowly approaching the “terrible twos,” which I hear goes onto the threes…oye. Not so excited for that. I love my child, but what a little ham he has been lately.

Anywho, I saw a dad spank his daughter (around 8 years old it looked) for being a real brat. OH NO! Spanking?? Shouldn’t that be illegal?. Not going to lie…I watched it all unfold and quite frankly, she deserved it. (I did a fist pump for him). Seriously though, this has been on my mind lately. What my husband and myself will do as far as discipling our child and children to come. This whole hype about spanking in public is just a smidgen ridiculous. Yes, there are real messed up people in this world who take it a step to far. But for the parents taking responsibility in directing their children to being respectful and responsible children, I applaud you. There has been quite a problem as for as that I feel. I am not saying I have had tons of experience as being a mother quite yet, but this whole teaching has been constantly on my mind. When is the limit to far to start doing that?

Back to the scenario I saw unfold, she was slapping her mom. Being a little brat, rolling her eyes. Yeah. In my mind I thought. What would I do.? I don’t know why, but I can’t stand the thought of that. You feel so bad but seriously, it needs to happen.  My parents had it, I had it. And for darn sure, my grandparents had it happen to them. Those generations, yeah you had some bad eggs. But I feel some respect was more there than now. I still have yet to get to that point, although it has started a little now. Except, he’s not getting it. And this mama may loose it.


My goodness. I was cleaning out my little one’s drawers and closest yet, AGAIN. I had put some away at one point because I felt they were to big. When I went to clean, those ‘oh so big’ outfits were the size he is in now! I wanted to tear a little. My little one keeps on growing and growing…as they must. It is so sad thinking about the future and buying more and more. I looked at him andthought what a little boy he is becoming- no more baby. It’s exciting either way.

Anywho, all I can say is I love babygap. Their clothes never fade. It always stays soft. Organizing made me realize it even more.

Seasame Street…and breastfeeding???

Sesame Street. First things that come to mind: fluffy, gigantic nasaly bird. Creepy red muppet named Elmo. Lastly, my favorite one- Oscar the Grouch. Covered in old newspapers, old bananas living in a trash can. I know. I made it sound depressing but let’s be kinda real here. It’s true isn’t it?

Anywho, latest thing with them. (Just so all you mamas know) Controversy over having an episode on…drum rolll…………………………. breastfeeding. As you can see in the picture below, it has been talked about previously. I couldn’t find a better picture than this. Here is the thing. People are  not too sure about having that taught to their kids now a days. My views? Personally, I really don’t care. It is a part of life and yes, I will teach my kid about it. Why hide it? Kinda an awkward conversation for Sesame Street? Maybe a little. But after all, it is about teaching kids. It’s not like the mother will just let everything hang in the show. Clearly, they will make it kid friendly and respectful. What are your thoughts on this?

Work out- Part Deuce.

Yes. I know, I already talked about this but all you smart phone users- have you heard of this app? It is AHHSOME!

Nike training. It motivates me 10x’s more when working out at home. Not only does it give you 15, 30, 60 minute work out plans, it also shows you how to do it! I know, I am a nerd. I always just wonder when I do my workouts, am I doing this right? You’ll see the picture on the right as an example. It times you, tells you when to switch. You can unlock more workouts. Listen to music. Start with beginners and work your up. I am in love with this. It’s probably older to some but I love it. It’s a good sweat. Fast pace workout.

Mother Goose and Rockin Rhymes

First have any of you seen this? My husband thinks it is the weirdest thing ever but hey! This was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Judge me all you want, it is weird but quite entertaining looking back on and seeing. (Enjoy watching this clip, you have to).

Anywho, there is one thing I absolutely love doing with my baby. Singing and reading to him. He loves doing both- mostly because I hear him giggle, smile, snuggle, etc. Everything about it. So relaxing. Wanted to share some favorite books that I remember and enjoy reading. I won’t list them all because seriously, I can’t believe how many books are out these days. Remember, this is just some essential ones. No need to buy them all. Hopefully if there are some new ones, you’ll look into them. Or if they are ones you have, you keep reading them!

. I love you forever ( my absolute childhood memory)

. Of course, Dr. Seus. Any of them.

. Golden Books- most popular, “The Pokey Little Puppy”.

. Sandra Boynton books

. Eric Carle- who doesn’t know “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”?

. P.D. Eastman books- another one “Are You My Mother?”.

. Tickle Monster Book

Stuck for good songs too?

. 3 little ducks                            . Skiddle a rink a do

. Wheel on the bus                     . Rubber ducky song

. 5 little monkeys

. Pat-a-cake

. Itsy bitsy spider

. Little rabbit foo foo

. Old McDonald

Work out…It’s gotta be done

I know. I am going to sound awful. I really haven’t been doing any good work outs since my baby has come into the picture. Nope. None, nada. It isn’t a good thing to say but I will admit it, I wont hide it. I felt as working mama, waking up early, if I had time to myself, I just wanted to relax. Yes, that is important but I needed to do more.

Anywho, I saw this workout plan to start off with at home. I started it and it was so refreshing. I am going to start…(I have been saying this for a bit) P90. People just have me freaked a bit about it and I don’t know why! I just have to do it. My plan- loose 15 pounds go down pant size. Thats all I want. I don’t want to look like a skeleton just comfortable and less flabbish from baby. So let the weight loss BEGIN!

Here is my plan at home. If you are in the same boat as me, it will kinda get you started. I love this workout plan. It wasn’t too bad but it will somewhat kick your butt! But my gosh did I ever feel fantastic after this. I would say it will take you about 30 minutes which is perfect. Hope you all do this- you can do it at home just to get your exercise started because ladies, it is important to do something. Hope this helps and happy EXERCISE!!

Fitness At Home

30 Jumping Jacks

5 Pushups

25 High Knees

7 Burpees

10 Crunches

7 Squats

5 Pushups

10 Crunches

5 Pushups

7 Squats

30 Jumping Jacks

1 Minute Wall Sit

5 Pushups

25 High knees

…here is the clincher…

Repeat 3-5 times for maximum results.

Too Sweet

I found this picture while browsing the internet. Yes, my baby was sleeping and what better thing than to search the webs? I do not think I could take enough pictures of my child yet a lone when he sleeps. So what a precious snap shot this is.