Seriously. You can wear them almost any time of the year but there is something about fedoras I just love. I could buy them all- and I love that you can dress them up or down. If you need to get out of the house asap and you didn’t get yourself ready and throw it on, I swear, you’d still be looking great! Here are some fun inspirations I saw and love…and how hair ideas too!




Fall Fashion Favs {Ankle Boots}

I need to get me some more of these.


They are everywhere so I don’t feel I need to help guide you where to go, but I still will.  TJMAXX, Macy’s, DSW, Anthropology, Target, Ubran Outfitters, they are everywhere. Those were just a few that came to mind if you needed a push… Love love love. Skinny jeans, my favorite is when they are rolled up. To cute skirt with tights, dresses. Whatever it is, they are cute with anything. Here are some cute finds.



My goodness. I was cleaning out my little one’s drawers and closest yet, AGAIN. I had put some away at one point because I felt they were to big. When I went to clean, those ‘oh so big’ outfits were the size he is in now! I wanted to tear a little. My little one keeps on growing and growing…as they must. It is so sad thinking about the future and buying more and more. I looked at him andthought what a little boy he is becoming- no more baby. It’s exciting either way.

Anywho, all I can say is I love babygap. Their clothes never fade. It always stays soft. Organizing made me realize it even more.