Hair Braiding Styles

First and foremost…this is NOT something I did whatsoever and want to make sure you all are aware of it. I promise I will get some of my own how to’s up…because embarrassingly, I only have one so far….yikes!


I am so glad I came across this on the interwebs. I have so many people in my chair who want to do something with their beautiful long locks and are bored just having it hang so I love giving my recommendations of other techniques to have fun and try something new! I have honestly tried myself these all and it’s fun for especially summer to get your hair off your back. You don’t need super long hair to do these styles either ( it makes it just a little bit easier though). Anyways, love this website, Refinery29. (Once you click that, it will take you directly to their tutorials). Hope these ideas help!!



Wrapped & Tucked Updo

So excited to start this page for you all. This is the first hair tutorial for Brushes & Burp Cloths and I am so excited to start adding more. It’s fun to teach people how to do them. You see it all over the internet and Pinterest these days. I hope I can give you some more tips & helps on styling your hair. Any comments too are highly suggested, as there are lots of questions about styling your hair. I love all the blogs and tutorials out there, but I wish some had more explaining and or tips. That’s where I hope to change it a little bit.


First off, put some curl in your hair to get some texture into it. Hair spray that to get some hold (I will have a tutorial of curling hair shortly). Next, section hair from ear to ear and clip it forwards (using a rat tail comb will give you the nice clean lines needed). Take everything in the back and bring to a low pony tail.


Take the pony tail in the back and back comb that hair like crazy. Make sure to hair spray with either a wet or dry hair spray. I use Avedas Air Control to give a nice flexible hold to my hair…one of my favorites.


Take that crazy back combed hair and smoothen it out with a brush. Make sure not to comb out too much because you still want to have what you did back combing there to give you the hold needed. You can make it messy as you want or smoother. I went a little in between. I kinda like seeing some texture. You will then take that section, once it is as smooth or messy as you want, and roll it under and secure it with some bobby pins. (Does that make sense?)


You will then take the top portion of what my hand was holding up in the prior pictures in the  back comb all of that. Smoothen it out and bring it back to the low pony and bobby pin that…that bobby pin will be hidden.


You will now start with the front two pieces left. As in the picture ,you will bring that section back loosely and back combed a little to create more fullness. Take that piece and pin it towards the opposite side of where you are pulling it. (So if you are grabbing your left section, pin it to the right of the bun). That back combing should help secure this piece for you too.


Any hair left falling from wrapping it, just tuck it and pin underneath. It will be hidden. Do the same to the opposite side.


Once everything is in place, hair spray that beautiful style to secure everything. **One tip, real lightly, take the pointy long part of your rat tail comb and smoothen the top with it and hair spray. Don’t press too hard while doing so. This will help tame any crazy fly aways. Then wahlah! Hope this makes sense…

(Forgive me of my nails having no color…I didn’t have time to make them look fancy.)


So just a recap…

1. Section ear to ear. Clip away. Take back and make a pony tail.

2. Back comb pony, tuck and pin.

3. Take top section, back comb and bring back & pin close to the pony tail.

4. Take side sections, wrap around and back comb ends of hair and bobby pin opposite side of where you are pulling.

5. Any left over hair, bobby pin underneath.

6. Hair Spray and boom, beautiful hair style!

Vintage Soft Waves

I love this look. So beautiful, elegant and simple. Just throw a beautiful red lip color and your ready to go! I found a great tutorial too for you guys, so try it out. If I could, I would be doing more tutorials myself, but that requires some time…that I wish I had!

Pony Tails

I am so anxious for Spring over here. It is happening shortly, I’m just getting anxious to keep my windows open all day long. ( I know, so random to be saying in this post). But with that, I wanted to share some fun hair styles for you lovely ladies with long hair. I’m not sure if you find yourself in a bind of what to do with your long locks. Although, I do see a lot of pony tails here.


I know, it is hard sometimes to get yourself ready and trust me, I do it too. But instead of just slicking back your hair and pulling it into a pony, try tweaking it a bit. Back comb, add some hair cuffs to go around your pony (that sentence sounded weird, but you know what I mean). Try wrapping some hair around the hair tie to hide it. Anywho, here are some fun examples. Happy Spring!!




Per last post- let’s talk hair. Noticing some shorter hair styles as well as lots of layers lately? Well. Let me tell you- yes. The combo of men & female characteristics. Have you been noticing? I sure have.


. and no. it isn’t a bad thing either.


Everyone is oh so curious about this. I feel everyone wants to just know about them even if they are not interested in having them.  Few things. There are different techniques to do so. I will briefly discuss some if you are contemplating on getting them. For some it will look great, others not so great depending on body type, face structure, etc. Some think you need extensions to add length when you can really add them to help with some volume in the hair. Depending on hair length you already have, it may help it out a bit.

Hope this helps!

Bonded: Hair is glued onto individual hair strands. Grows naturally with the hair.

 Pro: Natural looking. Long lasting         

Con: Tangles a little bit at times at the scalp.  Takes time to apply & remove.

Sewing/ Weaving: Sewing extension into hairline in cornrows.

Pro: Not too much damage. Easy to remove.

Con: A little painful. A little more upkeep (roughly every 4 weeks). Not long lasting

Clip-ins: clips sewn onto human hair which will clip into hair.

Pro: Easy to remove and to apply yourself.

Con: Can’t really sleep with them in. Will want to remove them too.