Hair Braiding Styles

First and foremost…this is NOT something I did whatsoever and want to make sure you all are aware of it. I promise I will get some of my own how to’s up…because embarrassingly, I only have one so far….yikes!


I am so glad I came across this on the interwebs. I have so many people in my chair who want to do something with their beautiful long locks and are bored just having it hang so I love giving my recommendations of other techniques to have fun and try something new! I have honestly tried myself these all and it’s fun for especially summer to get your hair off your back. You don’t need super long hair to do these styles either ( it makes it just a little bit easier though). Anyways, love this website, Refinery29. (Once you click that, it will take you directly to their tutorials). Hope these ideas help!!



Whats your NYE style for 2013?

Can you believe in just a few days we will be ringing in the New Year to 2014????? I cannot, this year has flown by. I am excited for whats in store for 2014 for us. Lots of fun things happening. What is everyones plans? Typically, parties- large or small. Going out for the night, going to a friends house, keeping it local at your own home?

For us, we are bums. We enjoy just staying put. Banging on pots & pans, letting off sparklers, sometimes even falling asleep before midnight…(whoops) and sipping on my favorite…NA Sparkling Cranberry Juice. Its delicious. Really.

So with that, it is fun to get spruced up a little bit. Not necessarily like you’re headed to the Grammys, which would be fun, but just to do a little something. I have some fun hair styles, make up ideas & fashion ideas to get your brains working. Yes, even if it is just you and your significant other at home, or the kids are in bed, it’s okay to get dolled up somewhat. But staying in your pajamas is completely understandable too!


Formal Finishes for Short Hair

Here is to go a long with the wedding season of few ideas for updos. Whether a bride, or a bridesmaid or even just wanting to get all dolled up for an event! So many choices out there, but here’s a few to look at.


One thing to look at, lots of short hairstyle updos do tend to have some sort of hair piece too! Something to always think about.

Half Updo’s

It’s already that time again…I can’t believe it. Those crazy high school dance times, bridal hair time. Updo time! So many different styles out and I’m hoping to help you all out here. From all the websites and magazines, it’s a overwhelming to find a picture. I am hoping tohelp you all out with some ideas so you don’t have to keep searching and searching. I like to  keep it simple because I feel too many pictures tends to make me go crazy.

Here for this post, we will have some half undo pictures. I’ll be posting more styles for you soon!


Pony Tails

I am so anxious for Spring over here. It is happening shortly, I’m just getting anxious to keep my windows open all day long. ( I know, so random to be saying in this post). But with that, I wanted to share some fun hair styles for you lovely ladies with long hair. I’m not sure if you find yourself in a bind of what to do with your long locks. Although, I do see a lot of pony tails here.


I know, it is hard sometimes to get yourself ready and trust me, I do it too. But instead of just slicking back your hair and pulling it into a pony, try tweaking it a bit. Back comb, add some hair cuffs to go around your pony (that sentence sounded weird, but you know what I mean). Try wrapping some hair around the hair tie to hide it. Anywho, here are some fun examples. Happy Spring!!


Be bold, wear coral

Who is ready for spring?? I sure am. I can’t wait for the fresh smell of spring to linger in my home as well as my car.  I am feeling quite stuffy. Anywho, back to my post. I have been loving corals. Who couldn’t?? I have been seeing it all over I feel. Clothes. Shoes. Makeup. Accessories. Home decor. Loving it. Whats been your favorite coral item??


Balayage, my friends.

Don’t worry- I know I have this blog of mine still running. I am in the works in something. And I cannot wait to start it. It may take a little bit but I am just starting to let people know, I may be doing something fun. It’s a secret that I can’t wait to start. It will be little online shop. Stay tuned for it…because I can’t wait!

Anywho, let’s talk hair. People have been sitting in my chair and all the sudden I hear the word OMBREEEEEEE. Then I instantly feel like I roll my eyes. It’s not good. I try not too but I can’t help it anymore. I am over it! There are a few, and I mean a few I enjoy. Not many. I do however enjoy the lovely Balayage. I want people to know this. So many people keep running around with these terms not knowing what the heck it is. It does somewhat look the same but is completely different. Let me explain quickly. Ombre- (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong). With ombre, you see the definite tones. Almost 3 tones so to stay. Dark-medium-light. No highlights. It’s almost like an allover color but you literally see 3 colors. Does that make sense? Please do not buy that ridiculous new ombre box color I’ve seen on commercials. It makes me wanna puke. I’ll show you an ombre.

Image   get it?

Okay so let’s talk a beautiful way. Balayage. ( I am not hating on anyone who has it, because hey, it’s for some people). Here is balayage. Can you see the difference??ImageImage



That’s right! Who watched last night? I thought it was fabulous. Great tribute to Whitney Houson. Beach boys, Beatles. Adele looked stunning didn’t she? Kuddos to her and her accomplishment. Anywho, fun fun hair styles, fashion and some interesting ones I shall say too. Quite a mix of styles, that is what makes it so fun and interesting!



So you look at yourself in the mirror for the first time after the fun change you decided to do. It could be the change of color, shorter haircut, face framing layers, bangs. Regardless, you look beautiful! Sometimes, those changes can show your gorgeous face off and from that, you may feel like something may be a little off beat. So, there may be  one teensie tiny thing left to check …your EYEBROWS! Sometimes, they can be overlooked but cleaning those puppies up can also change everything as well. Depending, you can do a brow tint which will tint those little hairs to blend the hair color more. Or another thing…have they been waxed? or plucked? Do some checking and if they need a little TLC, book that appointment right up, or even ask your stylists- we all love discussing this!


I love all the eye glasses out these days. So many fun varieties- I am on the search for new ones and I think I may have found a pair…wahoo! Anywho, somewhat of an issue when it comes to hair for some people. One thing- it is okay to have shorter hair with glasses and if you want to do bangs, that is alright too! Bangs would require a little bit more up keep and depending on face type, facial features they may not be the best for you…but that is why us hairdressers are here for you! You will see & notice so many people with glasses and you still can be trendy/modern when you wear them. Here are a few ideas to look after but still, remember, some looks may need to be tweaked a little bit for you. Hope this helps! (have you notice the bigger the better lately? Some are way huge…like the one above, wow)!