Hair Braiding Styles

First and foremost…this is NOT something I did whatsoever and want to make sure you all are aware of it. I promise I will get some of my own how to’s up…because embarrassingly, I only have one so far….yikes!


I am so glad I came across this on the interwebs. I have so many people in my chair who want to do something with their beautiful long locks and are bored just having it hang so I love giving my recommendations of other techniques to have fun and try something new! I have honestly tried myself these all and it’s fun for especially summer to get your hair off your back. You don’t need super long hair to do these styles either ( it makes it just a little bit easier though). Anyways, love this website, Refinery29. (Once you click that, it will take you directly to their tutorials). Hope these ideas help!!


Balayage, my friends.

Don’t worry- I know I have this blog of mine still running. I am in the works in something. And I cannot wait to start it. It may take a little bit but I am just starting to let people know, I may be doing something fun. It’s a secret that I can’t wait to start. It will be little online shop. Stay tuned for it…because I can’t wait!

Anywho, let’s talk hair. People have been sitting in my chair and all the sudden I hear the word OMBREEEEEEE. Then I instantly feel like I roll my eyes. It’s not good. I try not too but I can’t help it anymore. I am over it! There are a few, and I mean a few I enjoy. Not many. I do however enjoy the lovely Balayage. I want people to know this. So many people keep running around with these terms not knowing what the heck it is. It does somewhat look the same but is completely different. Let me explain quickly. Ombre- (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong). With ombre, you see the definite tones. Almost 3 tones so to stay. Dark-medium-light. No highlights. It’s almost like an allover color but you literally see 3 colors. Does that make sense? Please do not buy that ridiculous new ombre box color I’ve seen on commercials. It makes me wanna puke. I’ll show you an ombre.

Image   get it?

Okay so let’s talk a beautiful way. Balayage. ( I am not hating on anyone who has it, because hey, it’s for some people). Here is balayage. Can you see the difference??ImageImage


Hats & Hair

I love hats. I love when summer comes along because that’s when you wear them most. Depending on different face shapes and hair cut, there are many different styles and shapes out there to accommodate. Yes, short hair people, you can wear hats. Fun hats this year are fedoras and the floppy hats. Here are some fun hats. Instead of keep your hair long and wavy, take you hair to a side braid or a low messy bun!


Maxi Dresses

4 words- BEST.THING.FOR.SUMER. I love them, I own them. I love how people wear them. They are just so comfortable, classic and you can dress them up OR dress them down. Other best thing, they are EVERYWHERE in the stores. If you want to spend $25 you can or if you want to spend $200 you can. Love that. Anywho, here are some of my favorite ones. All you just have to do now is go shopping and try them on- who wouldn’t want to do that??




Coral & mint

What isn’t to love about these colors??? I’m loving the mixtures and block colors becoming a trend more. Get out and start doing it!